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  • Prepare and advise on budgets for hard costs during initial acquisitions analysis

  • Review and revise cost of construction based on the intent of 100% Design Development Documents

  • Obtain proper insurance overage for owners, share holders and general contractor



  • Coordinate design objectives, programming, schedule, and budgets between owners, design team and consultants

  • Attend all meetings between owners, design team, and consultants

  • Initiate any DOB, DOT, FDNY, and utility company plan approvals and permits

  • Initiate DOB, DOT, MTA and neighbor requirements

  • Prepare and advise on demolition logistics and means and methods

  • Prepare and advise on permits, approvals and signoffs

  • Prepare, advise and coordinate any neighbor licensing agreements

  • Prepare, advise and coordinate monitoring requirements (crack, noise, vibration and dust monitors)

  • Facilitate neighbor’s pre-construction survey (for risk mitigation)

  • Analyze site conditions for safety and construction logistics


❑ Design and Bid Process

  • Review design and development documents (progress drawings and specifications)

  • Provide recommendations in value engineering for the project

  • Provide building systems and equipment

  • Provide recommendations on construction feasibility

  • Advise on availability of long lead items -materials and labor

  • Provide construction schedule that is coordinated with development schedule

  • Bid project

  • Advise on selection of finished materials

  • Establish a minimum capital amount to begin construction

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